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Karst Country - Glen Ryan and Phil Ryan

The Karst Country exhibition at the Belconnen Arts Centre has now concluded - but many of the pieces exhibited are still available for purchase online - more details will be posted shortly.

This exhibition examined karst landscapes near Canberra from two viewpoints: the colourful, textured acrylic paintings of Phil Ryan, alongside the serene infra-red images – stills and motion – of Glen Ryan.


The distinctive landscapes around Wee Jasper, Blue Waterholes and Yarrangobilly are the inspiration for these works, and show the result of the weathering limestone on the topography of the area.

Short clip of infra-red timelapse shown at the Karst Country exhibition - created by Glen Ryan and James van der Moezel (as seen on the ABC 7:30 Report, Gizmodo and Vimeo Staff Pick)
Karst Country at the Belconnen Arts Centre
Glen Ryan exhibited works Phil Ryan exhibited works
Glen Ryan  River of Light  2007 (detail)  
• outline of exhibited works
Phil Ryan  Blue Waterholes 3  2010
• outline of exhibited works

Karst Country - Glen Ryan and Phil Ryan

Belconnen Arts Centre: Belconnen, ACT
8—24 February 2013

more information:
Phil Ryan : www.myopiclandscapes.com.au
Glen Ryan : www.invisiblelandscapes.com
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